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Neurodegeneration, venous-insufficiency, and autoimmunity are only pieces of the finity that push us, Kara Byrne and Lee-Anne Fava, co-founders of The Finity Project, to achieve all that we are just learning to be possible. In eight episodes that take place around the globe, we will embark on charity challenges such as adventuring the Great Wall of China for juvenile diabetes, trekking the Sahara Desert for the Simon Keith Foundation, and hiking through Cloud Forest in Costa Rica for Livestrong. Every episode is dedicated to a different disease and will prove to test both us and viewers alike while raising funds and awareness. We are on a mission, with Multiple Sclerosis as our travel companion, not our guide.
Finity is the acute awareness of one’s own finite existence. So many people wake up each day with the knowledge that this day could be the last during which they are given breath, the ability to walk, or the beauty to see; for those who sometimes miss out on this awareness, The Finity Project strives to awaken it.

We seek to spotlight the extraordinary people who exist all over this magnificent planet, the ones who beat the odds and overcome the worst, who could inspire us all if only we knew their stories. What if – in struggles of every kind, tragedy at every level, heartbreak at its most shattering, and life at its most devastating– we find triumph at its greatest? We will create a project to serve as a reminder that this life will not be perfect for anyone, but that it can be something spectacular for everyone.

Finity is about those who are beating the odds in life, who are in love with life, or who are simply fighting for more life.