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As our organization grows, so too does our gratitude towards all of the support we have received thus far. Thank you for your interest, compassion, and enthusiasm as you join in on the adventure. We have listed below our generous sponsors and information on how you too can support The Finity Project. DONATE NOW.
How can you help?

Spread the word: Social media is a powerful tool. Tweet us on Twitter, find Finity on Facebook, take a look at Tumblr, view us on Vimeo, and pull project participants!

Donate your time: Have an idea for a Finity fundraiser? Wanna do one on our behalf? Let us know!

Other avenues to assist: we have flights to book, accommodation to arrange, and many more fundraising events to come. If you have Airmiles you won't use, we will! If you have something we can raffle off, we'll do it! If you have a local business, we can always use sponsorship!